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Hey guys! Sorry for my absence!

I’ve got a lot of messages stockpiled up, and I DO plan on getting to all of them!

In the passed few months I’ve moved countries, gotten a full-time job, and been visiting friends I haven’t seen in a year! Thanks for being super patient and I’m so sorry for the wait:)

You know you’re asexual when you only use “HHNNNGGGGG”

to talk about how amazing the animation of a movie was.

So, here you go, add it to the list of “Things Better Than Sex”.

Cake and animation. What more could a girl want?


-Confessions of an Asexual-

This is a cute comic I thought Id share with all ya’ll:)

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Anonymous asked:

I recently came out as asexual. While I have yet to get any backlash (besides this statement: "You're asexual? But you kissed someone in the play last fall!"), I was wondering if you have any advice for responding to any harassment I may get.

Hello there:)

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS on coming out of the PaNtRy!

It’s definitely a hard thing to do sometimes:)

As for advice on backlash, first of all it’s probably best to expect it, even from people you wouldn’t think would give you a hard time. Second of all, know and remember that no matter what they say, you are completely valid in identifying as asexual.

Another tip is remembering that most people don’t know that asexuality, or the definition of asexuality, can and does exist. Being patient with people who don’t understand will be important in educating them about your sexual orientation:)

I hope that helped a bit, please feel free to message me anytime if I failed to answer your question, or if you have any more questions:)

Anonymous asked:

Hi!!! :) I'm a panromantic asexual. After going through so many different definitions, I found that these terms described me best. Thanks for running such a helpful and informative blog!!!

Hello kind anon!

Thank you for all the kind words! Knowing that this blog helps others makes me so happy:3 

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Hey guys I’ve got some hopeful news!

Hello! You guys may know me as the blog who posts stuff about asexuality constantly:) whether it be funny or serious…

But today, I have some news about my life!

A friend of mine, whose known I’m ace for at least a year now, asked me out! We’re sorta officially together now:) He thinks asexuality is interesting, and deems it as an insignificant part of our relationship.

I’ve known him for 6 years of my life, and as I’m entering my 20th year of life, it’s great to finally have someone who understands and loves me for me:)

If it happened to ME, it can happen to you.

Anonymous asked:

I have been questioning rather I am asexual.. I am 25 and I have never had sex and I want to mostly out of curiosity. Could I still be asexual?

Hello there!

The answer to your question is Yes:) the definition of Asexuality is “one who does not experience sexual attraction” This has nothing to do with your ability to, or curiousity to sexually perform.
There are some Asexuals who actually love sex, and are happily married:)
Hope that answered your question:) Message me anytime!


Our mascot should be a unicorn considering how many people don’t believe asexuality is a thing.


Pew pew pew. Asexual flag-shooting unicorn.

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You asked for unicorns…

This is so beautiful :’)


You asked for unicorns…

This is so beautiful :’)


They seized the opportunity, and slam dunked it so fucking hard


They seized the opportunity, and slam dunked it so fucking hard

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i just wanna do cute things like hold hands and drink hot chocolate together and cuddle on the sofa and go to museums and on trips and fall asleep together AND THAT’S IT NO ROUGH SEX NO FUCKING AGAINST A WALL THAT IS LITERALLY IT THAT IS WHERE IT ENDS THERE’S NO SEX PUNCHLINE

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Heart is transparent.
(for those of you who love transparent things)


Heart is transparent.

(for those of you who love transparent things)


Asexy Aces at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014 (04/27/2014)

in the beginning there were but three of us, but by the end there were five. :) three of us actually met in a meetup thread on AVEN where i instigated our meetup and sign making for #TRP2014. then while walking in the parade it just so happened that L, who was walking behind us, happened to be ace herself! after the parade i was lucky enough to catch up with SHYNAMITES, whose non-binary pride sign i’d passed during the parade. when i asked to take zir photo, ze told me that ze’s asexual too! D; ah, it was a great day…

{photos #1, #3 and #4 taken by editingatwork}

Anonymous asked:

Why the pantry?

Hello there:) I assume you’re talking about the phrase “Coming out of the pantry” that I use when answering questions.

I’ve been using “pantry” instead of “closet” because I thought it was an appropriate phrase on the term “Coming out of the closet” for asexuals.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is, as asexuals, we have very different struggles than those who come out as homosexual.

The second reason being that it’s a joke around tumblr and asexuality.org that cake is better than sex. Since pantries are usually where cake supplies are kept, I thought it was appropriate to come out of them. 

Also, I saw a funny Tumblr post about it, and it’s sorta stuck with me:)


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Not explicitely asexual, but still great advice.There is nothing wrong with being young and single.


See more in Quotes

Not explicitely asexual, but still great advice.

There is nothing wrong with being young and single.